The Cause Of All My Scars (GLAAD version)

by Jean Koning



Dearest citizen of this falling world,

When I rushed into the world of entertainment in the late 80s in Amsterdam, I was embraced, supported, loved... No-one cared where I came from, who I was, who I would turn out to be. They all loved me because that was the moment, we were together, we united in some vibe we all felt at that very time. I was so overwhelmed with this state of mind, with this way of living and accepting, I didn't even notice a world outside of Amsterdam where being loved, embraced, and supported was not even such a normal thing.
But that was the 80s. You'd think we - as the human race - learned from all our mistakes. Unfortunately the human race still thinks - and even worse: allows - bullying, humiliating, hating.
This year I spend some time in the studio to record songs about this still existing phenomenon. And I felt sad. No, I was sad. Sad, that I felt the urge to do this. The overwhelming, saddening urge to tell stories about people left in the cold; unloved, beaten, bullied, ignored. With the collection of songs, that eventually made it to this album - From The Hermit's Bedroom - I illustrate the emptiness, loneliness and despair of these souls. And I'm not proud of the result. Simply because of the fact that this behaviour exists.

In order of Spirit Day, I will release one of the songs early. THE CAUSE OF ALL MY SCARS.
It can be downloaded on the bandcamp site and profits will be traveling to the GLAAD ORGANIZATION.
For the price of €2,00 you can download the early bird single version of the song, which will be originally released in December 2016. Additionally you get the album version of the song, plus the non-album track Kelly.
However, you can always donate some additional money. This money does not go to the artists, record company or Mr. Koning's attorney, therapist or wine-dealer. This money goes straight to GLAAD.
And if you donate more money to GLAAD via this track, and leave your email-address, you will receive a personalized video message from Jean, delivered to your mail-box.

Please, please, please, help us all (and especially GLAAD) to make an end to bullying! Please go purple!



released October 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Jean Koning New York, New York

Jean Koning has been a compelling force in the underground music scene since his unlikely folk&jazz debut transferring the band The Children of a Lesser God into the avant-punk extravaganza !JP in 1988. His star-studded career includes albums such as Notes from Purgatory, Man Enough to be a Woman and Wake Up In L.A.
Throughout his career, Mr. Koning has been honored with numerous awards.
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