1. Seven Shots Of Whisky And Then Try To Sing It - a live recording

  2. The Cause Of All My Scars - Remix'd
    Jean Koning vs. DJ Christ'Off

  3. Poor Edward (live at the Beeb)

  4. Selected Singers (plus some)

  5. From The Hermit's Bedroom (extended version)

  6. Just The Mess We Made


  8. Truly Love The Hunt

  9. Been On A Trail Of Blood

  10. Selected Surrenders (plus some)

  11. The Cause Of All My Scars

  12. Snake

  13. The Cause Of All My Scars (GLAAD version)

  14. once freak show

  15. Carbon Copy Dancefloor

  16. Carbon Copy (extended version)

  17. Carbon Copy (vinyl version)

  18. De Vondeling Van Ameland

  19. Wake Up In L.A. (5th anniversary vinyl edit)

  20. theLOTUStape (golden stream tape edition)

  21. Blauw (Vinyl Edition)

  22. Stil In Mij

  23. Blauw

  24. Pain / Cruel

  25. California / 2 Them

  26. SexyBack

  27. Has He Got A Friend For Me

  28. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

  29. miniatures 3: "I want to take the journey to the devil down below"

  30. theLOTUStape

  31. CANYOUGIMMELOVE (single)

  32. TWISTED (ALL OUT single edition)

  33. The Mercy Seat

  34. Industrial City In The Clouds

  35. analog (a collection of alternatives)

  36. ... Baby One More Time

  37. Asbestos Poisoning (single)

  38. 88101325nowbankrupt

  39. Gravedancing (single)

  40. miniatures 2: an american tale

  41. (glorious love) LIVE

  42. Do What I Like To Do

  43. Bathtub Full Of Murder

  44. BubbleGum

  45. BOOT/LEG

  46. Old Friend

  47. miniatures 1: "PAIN"

  48. Wake Up in L.A.

  49. When Doves Cry

  50. Man Enough to be a Woman

  51. Forbidden Pleasures Shouted to the Moon over Venice Beach

  52. On Line European Playground

  53. the RARE RAW (live)

  54. SAEN - a collection

  55. Notes From Purgatory

  56. Drifted

  57. The Amber Inside The Piss 2

  58. The Amber Inside The Piss 1

  59. Screw (from the live in your living room sessions)

  60. Calendar Boy (picture disc)

  61. surrender the pink

  62. L'Hôtel Du Freaks

  63. A Singer must die

  64. YZ - the lost songs

  65. Where Do You Want The Killing Done?

  66. everybody else's boy

  67. a cottage for sale

  68. I Need Somebody Smarter Than Me

  69. Quite Awake

  70. Anatomy Of Addiction

  71. Oui, Je Sais

  72. Man Sized Sex, Ted


Jean Koning New York, New York

Jean Koning has been a compelling force in the underground music scene since his unlikely folk&jazz debut transferring the band The Children of a Lesser God into the avant-punk extravaganza !JP in 1988. His star-studded career includes albums such as Notes from Purgatory, Man Enough to be a Woman and Wake Up In L.A.
Throughout his career, Mr. Koning has been honored with numerous awards.
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